Strengthening Media Support for Community Accountability Measures in Nigeria (SMS CAM).

Leveraging on a decade of deep community engagement and media experience across the region, Equal Access International is uniquely poised to support the MacArthur Foundation’s mission of supporting accountability measures, transparency, and good governance in Nigeria.


The MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows, TMF work to defend human rights, advance global conservation and security, make cities better places, and understand how technology is affecting children and society.


2018 - 2021


Base Line Research on SMS CAM Project

A consultant Dr. Henry Gyang Mang was contracted in October 2018 to design, implement, analyze and report on public perception on anti-corruption measures in five focal states of Gombe, Kano, Borno, Niger and Plateau.

90 Days Drama Series (Season 1)​

Equal Access Nigeria in partnership with Arewa24 produced and broadcasted thirteen (13) episodes of the 90 Days drama series as part of the MacArthur project activities.

90 Days Drama Series (Season 2)

At the end of Season I of the 13-part miniseries 90 DAYS, fierce anti-corruption advocate Malam Adamu is elected governor of the fictional Northern Nigeria State of Babawa. He takes over a government in shambles, and rife with corruption and ineptitude. To keep his promise to run a transparent and effective administration that serves the people, he will have to override the wishes of his own supporters who expect to be rewarded for their support in helping him get elected, as well as an opposition party committed to undermining his efforts. The new governor will find that ending corruption in government, and throughout the state, is a lot easier said than done.   

Breakfast Show Segments​

AREWA24 broadcasted program segments that promote the 90 Days series and the anti-corruption storylines in Dadin Kowa on the popular daily breakfast show, Gari Ya Waye.

Stakeholders Workshop ​

The event brought together government officials, local organizations working on issues of good governance and anti-corruption, and donor representatives to coordinate project activities, identify barriers to change, prioritize needs, and set benchmarks for success.

Dadin Kowa Anti-corruption Story line ​

Dadin Kowa drama episodes is a Corruption/Anti-corruption storyline in the education and power sectors were prominently featured in ten (10) consecutive episodes of the award winning AREWA24 drama series. The show tackles social issues dealing with corruption, drug abuse, domestic violence, girl child education, child labor, violent extremism, and human trafficking.

“Cost of Corruption” FILM COMPETITION

Equal Access in November 2018 launched a film competition for emerging producers and directors from Kannywood, Nollywood, and other regions of Nigeria. The film competition was widely publicized on social media platforms and the Equal Access Nigeria website. The main objective of the competition was to solicit ideas for films with an anti-corruption focus and drive in eradicating the phenomenon from Nigeria. 


kano, kaduna, maiduguri, sokoto, kebbi, zamfara, nassarawa,
plateau, kogi, abuja gombe, niger, & taraba.​