Maternal Newborn and
Child Health Programme (MNCH2)

Maternal Newborn and Child Health Program (MNCH2) is a project funded by Department for International Development from the United Kingdom government.  The project is a health programme across six northern states in Nigeria, for a duration of five years. The aim of the project is to create quality continuum of care from pregnancy through the first five years of a child’s life, to reduce maternal and child mortality. Also, to work with other community organisations and health practitioners to achieve its goal of improving the lives children, women and families. Equal Access developed jingles and soundbites encouraging women to access primary healthcare across Northern Nigeria

MNCH2 grant to Equal Access to Knowledge Development Initiatives for a duration of 3 months during 2018. It is a radio-based project to promote Maternal Health in Northern Nigeria. MNCH2 utilized the close relationship that EAI has with local radio stations to achieve their goal.


EAKDI has produced a series of public service announcements (PSAs) and jingles for MNCH2 in mid-2018, and is distributing the content to eight radio partners in Northern Nigeria.

EAKDI in Nigeria will keep on working and implementing all projects at hand, and will strive to collaborate with government agencies, relevant official organisation, local NGOs, Nigerian experts and civil society groups. It provides capacity building to all staff, partner organisations, participants and volunteers. It is also developing project proposals which fit within the strategic development goals for Nigeria, particularly in its areas of expertise; countering violent extremism, creating alternative narratives which protect vulnerable groups from violent extremists, anti-corruption initiatives and support for child and mother health care.  

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