Content Advisory Group Meeting (CAG)

The Tech4Families maiden Content Advisory Group (CAG) Meeting was conducted on the 8th of August 2019 at the EAI Nigeria country office in Kano. The main objective of the 1st CAG meeting was to intimate the CAG members with the goal and objectives of the project, explain their roles and responsibilities as CAG members, and provide them with an opportunity to make an appraisal of the first production of the Fasaha a Rayuwar Iyali radio program. Whilst the content advisory group is not an editorial board, they do have the important responsibility of ensuring the quality and appropriateness of the content of the radio show (Fasaha A Rayuwar Iyali), provide advice on topics to be discussed, feedback on broadcasted episodes, and highlight any other interventions or relevant materials that will ensure the programming is worthwhile and impactful.  The CAG members are instrumental in ensuring content will be culturally resonate and technically relevant to inhibit backlash, and ensure it is digestible by families and the larger society.

By the end of the meeting, the CAG members had a better understanding of their responsibilities, and suggestions and observations raised during the meeting will be effected by EAI team where applicable.