Stakeholders and Validation meeting

Equal Access, under the Farar Tattabara platform organized a stakeholder’s workshop to disseminate the findings of its formative research. The field work was conducted by two teams of Equal Access in ten northern Nigerian states. The event also provided the opportunity to critically review the production of the first programs making up the three series produced under the project, namely:  the religious education, Ilimi Abin Nema, a youth series, Ina Mafita and a drama, Labarin Aisha. 

Second Stakeholders meeting

The 2nd meeting was organized to disseminate and validate the findings of the End line survey that was conducted during the closure of Farar Tattabara phase one project and to Straighten partnering relationship with partner radio stations. The meeting was to give chance to the participants to review, critic, comment and make suggestions to the 3 existing. 

First CR meeting

Prior to the start of the 3 radio programs under the Farar Tattabara plat form, Equal Access had trained all the Community reporters from the 22 partner radio stations across the Northern part of Nigeria. The training was to put through the reporters on what was expected of the them towards effective airing of the 3 programs.