Farar Tattabara

Farar Tattabara (White Dove) is a regional transmedia messaging hub, focused on developing an effective youth-led prevention, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), Peace Promotion ecosystem and alternative messaging strategy in Northern Nigeria and the Sahel region, using Hausa language as the major medium for communication. The White Dove program was launched by Equal Access International in 2017 with three original radio programs namely: Ina Mafita, Ilimi Abin Nema and Labarin Aisha.


The White Dove Hub is working to create a locally-driven alternative messaging ecosystem with the following objectives: to empower and build the capacity of youth messengers making impact through alternative narratives in their communities, to develop a Northern Nigeria and Sahel regional trans-media network capable of effectively countering the communications of violent extremists, and to support program implementation with research and analysis.

White Dove also facilitates key influencer engagement and develops alternative messaging campaigns, to encourage positive youth engagement and discredit extremist content and groups via the effective use of radio, social media, television, and off-line field-based intervention activities. White Dove has reached over 15 million listeners with its innovative radio programs designed to counter violent extremism in Northern Nigeria, through positive messaging and direct community engagement. This has made a lot of youth excited, hopeful, and willing to put in effort to change the perception about Northern Nigeria

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Radio Programs

Ilimi Abin Nema

Equal Access under  the Farar Tattabara  platform produces the Ilimi Abin Nema Radio program  aimed at interrogating and discussing the challenges affecting the Almajiri and Tsangaya school system, as well as the role of government, parents and other stakeholders in ensuring quality life and education for Northern children. The program provides an opportunity for interaction with Ulamas, parents and community leaders to understand the factors informing parents’ decision to send their children to Tsangaya school, and also create dialogue around combining the Islamic and formal systems of education that will ensure that these children have an opportunity to a promising future.  

Ina Mafita

This program is designed for youth across Northern Nigeria – to enlighten, educate and create awareness and discussion of what it means to be youth in Northern Nigeria in order not to be pushed to radicalization. Again, it discusses issues that matter to Youth, especially the challenges youth face (from drugs, lack of Positive Role Models, Brain Washing and Manipulations, unemployment, mental health, to relationships, etc.), and celebrate all the positive ways youth are and can contribute to our society. 

Labarin Aisha

Labarin Aisha is a radio drama of a young girl’s life in an IDP camp. Aisha had a bright and promising future ahead of her, but was struck by tragedy at the age of 12 and everything that seemed promising to her changed. Her bright future became a mere day dream when her father died.

Training & Workshop