Farar Tattabara (White Dove) is a regional transmedia messaging hub, focused on developing an effective youth-led prevention, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), Peace Promotion ecosystem and alternative messaging strategy in Northern Nigeria and the Sahel region, using Hausa language as the major medium for communication. The White Dove program was launched by Equal Access International in 2017 with three original radio programs namely: Ina Mafita, Ilimi Abin Nema and Labarin Aisha.

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In 2013, EAI leveraged its extensive CVE work in the African Sahel to implement the first of its kind 24/7 Hausa television channel in Northern Nigeria, AREWA24. The multi-year project enabled local EAI staff to develop deep roots and scale our capacity to produce commercially-viable media rooted in social and behavior change communications.

AREWA24 is now an award-winning, locally owned, and independent media company. In 2016, EAI launched a regional Messaging Hub under the White Dove (Farar Tattabara, in Hausa) brand, to empower the vision and voices of youth and communities to tackle pressing social, behavioral and attitudinal issues.


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AREWA24: First 24/7 Hausa language satellite television station in Northern Nigeria

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White Dove (Farar Tattabara) Alternative Messaging Hub in Northern Nigeria

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Strengthening Media Support for Community Accountability Measures

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Bridging the
Gender Digital Divide:


With a reach of over 15 million listeners, EAI-Nigeria radio programs; Ina Mafita, Ilimi Abun Nema, Labarin Aisha, Madubi and Fasaha A Rayuwar Iyali are empowering a new generation of role models and informed messengers actively working to improve the lives of their families and communities in Northern Nigeria.


Our Reach

With a reach of over 15 million listeners, the EAI-Nigeria radio programs; Ina Mafita, Ilimi Abun Nema, Labarin Aisha, Madubi and Fasaha A Rayuwar Iyali...

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International Donor Visit

Our donors from the Global Engagement Center and the US Embassy paid a courtesy visit to Equal Access Nigeria between Monday 21st May and Friday...

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